Deadly Danger Dungeon


An unfairly hard 2D Super Mario


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Deadly Danger Dungeon is a two dimensional platform game starring Mario, in which your goal is to advance as far as possible, collecting all of the coins and gems that you can, through a devilishly dangerous dungeon.

Unlike what happens in the normal Mario games, in Deadly Danger Dungeon you will find randomly generated, diabolically difficult scenes. All of them are full of spiny traps that come out of the ground, rocks that fall from the ceiling, and other surprises.

So, the goal of the game is to try to get the most points possible before Mario runs out of hearts. In addition, when you finish the game you can submit your score to the official online classification tables and compete against the rest of the players.

Deadly Danger Dungeon is a fun, challenging platform game where you can compare your skills and abilities with other players around the world.
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